Android Roulette Guide for Casino Players

Invented during the 17th century by the French scientist Blaise Pascal, roulette has proven to be one of the most popular casino table games on offer for centuries. As the classic casino table game spread from its native France to the rest of Europe and, later, the USA, different variations of the game arose, creating the main French, European and American roulette varieties that are still played today.

When online casinos entered the market during the 1990’s, roulette was soon featured on many gambling sites, and the modern trend of using mobile phones and tablets has again changed the future of roulette. A growing number of online casinos are now offering mobile casino platforms, which allow players to play casino games like roulette from their smartphones and tablets. For owners of Android devices, these casinos also offer Android roulette games, which have been tailored to all Android operating systems for full compatibility.

Compatible Roulette Games for Android

Casino players using Android smartphones and tablets are able to play Android roulette and other casino games virtually anywhere, thanks to the portable nature of these mobile devices. With only an internet connection and a charged battery needed to play, Android roulette is a fitting solution for roulette players who lead busy lifestyles or travel frequently, as this will not limit their access to mobile casinos.

Android roulette games at trustworthy casinos have been developed by leading software providers, meaning that players will experience the same graphics and features when playing Android roulette as they would when playing online. These games have also been designed to integrate with players’ smartphones and tablets, working with their touch screens and interfaces to deliver smooth game play.

Verified and Secure Android Gambling

Certified Android roulette casinos have been tested and verified for safety and fairness, and these are the best choice for players who are looking to play mobile casino games. Security systems like digital encryption have been embedded to protect players’ personal details, and RNG randomises the outcome of real money Android roulette games to ensure that the games’ winning odds are always fair.

Reliable Android roulette casinos will also offer trusted payment methods for their players, including debit and credit card and eWallet options. This allows players to securely make deposits from their Android smartphones and tablets, and many casinos also offer the opportunity to bank in a number of different currencies.

Players at Android roulette casinos can also register player accounts straight from their mobile devices, which will qualify them for various mobile bonuses like welcome bonuses, VIP rewards and cash backs.

Downloadable and Instant Play Android Casinos

For players who wish to play Android roulette, various certified mobile casinos are available in app form, which players can download directly onto their mobile phones free of charge. Instant-play casinos are also available, which require no downloads and can be reached from players’ internet browsers using Flash and HTML-5 software.

A large proportion of Android casino apps and instant-play casinos offer the ability to play real money games, but there are also those that offer free games and tutorials, allowing new players to learn more about roulette before wagering their cash.

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