Can Someone Really Gamble Professionally?

We all know the old saying that you should do what you love, whereby you’ll never really work another day in your life. But does that apply to gambling? There are many that love gambling, wishing it could be turned into a job. But is it possible to turn entertainment into a steady living, or just fantasy?

The short answer is that being a professional gambler is possible. But there is far more to the question than just a yes or no answer. Being a pro is extremely challenging, requiring great discipline and a focus on money management.

What Does Going Pro Mean?

Most consider that if you’ve earned money doing something, you’re a professional. But then, technically everyone that has gambled has made some money, right? So does that mean everyone is a professional gambler?

A better way to look at it is that there are those who gamble for entertainment, and those that gamble to try and sustain themselves financially. Everyone in the latter category can be considered professional. So if you decide to take gambling seriously, and no longer only do it as entertainment, you’re professional.

Which Games Are Suitable

Given that pokies are luck based games they certainly aren’t right for pro play. Since there is nothing that can be done to improve the chances of winning at pokies, how can one make a living playing?

Blackjack and Poker are the primary skill based games. If you’ve spent time learning, practicing, and getting better at the games, you can win more frequently. Poker in particular has become a career for many dedicated players, with some of the best being millionaires. But make no mistake, making a living at Poker is extremely challenging.

Legendary player Daniel Negreanu has explained that being a pro Poker player is about more than just playing the game.

More Than Just Playing Games

As with all things done professionally, there is more than just the job itself. Daniel Negreanu has stressed that being a pro demands dedication in business practices as well as Poker. In his opinion being business savvy is a big part of succeeding, especially as far as careful money management is concerned.

He also has revealed that he spends 20% of his time studying Poker, meaning that actual Poker playing is only a small part of being professional.

How To Get Started

If you’ve read all of this and still think you have what it takes, how should you get started? The answer is simple; by taking gambling more seriously. A great place to start if by managing your gambling habits carefully, tracking how much you win over time, and considering what can be done to make a fulltime living.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that gambling need not be done for real money in order to gain experience. Many online casinos offer free play modes, free tournaments, and other ways to practice without spending.

If you want to practice it doesn’t have to cost a cent. More to the point, practice will let you know how good you really are before going full pro.

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