Horse Racing Wagering Guide for Bettors

Horse Racing Wagering

Betting on horses is one of the oldest, and most classic, forms of sports betting. In Australia and New Zealand, horse racing betting is especially popular, given Australia’s reputation for breeding some of the best horses in the world. Many of the most prestigious horse racing events are also held in Australia, making it a hub for horse activity in the world. As a close neighbour, New Zealanders likewise have interest in horse racing betting.

Horse racing betting is a more complicated prospect than many people assume, however. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when placing a bet on a horse. Simply choosing the best odds is good enough for some bet makers, but this isn’t always the safe bet it appears to be. And the payouts are never going to be especially good. Before committing money in your next horse racing bet, take a few of these tips into consideration.

Research Horses Online

Since horse breeding is taken so seriously in Australia, and the world, there is much information available on active race horses. A quick search can often reveal a detailed breakdown of a horse and its performance over many years. Consider doing this before placing money, as valuable information about the racing horses is never a bad thing.

Keep in mind that even if a horse has been performing badly in previous races, that it may be due for a comeback. A fast horse will always look slow against faster horses, but may just be at the head of the race if introduced to a race where it is king. Look out for such details and you may just find yourself a hidden winning horse.

Bets on Horse Race

Listen to the Experts

Online groups, including horse breeders, often gather to discuss horses and their expected performances. Joint these groups and listen to what other say. Valuable information and tips are often given, which can be used to make some big wins.

Also keep in mind, however, that not everyone who is vocal is a real expert on the subject of horse racing betting. Listen to many opinions, and see which ones seem the most likely to be reliable.

Consider the Handicap Rules

The vast majority of horse races are held under handicap betting conditions. This means that if a certain horse is seen to be a great deal faster than the others, it will be weighed down to keep it from dominating the race.

Handicap rules, although sometimes controversial, help keep a race balanced and more exciting. It is important to always keep handicap rules in mind when placing bets, as the fastest horses will always be weighed down to allow other horses a chance to win. This creates a situation where underdog horses can come out on top.

An underdog horse in horse race online betting will always offer much better payouts. The horse is seen as less likely to win, and so higher odds, and bigger payouts are used to encourage betting. A big bet on an underdog horse can result in a small fortune being paid out.

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