Introduction To Current Popular Casino Games

No matter where you are in the world there are a few casino games that are almost guaranteed to be popular. These are the games that have struck a universal chord, finding a fan base regardless of language, culture or region. Why they’re so popular is up for debate, with the real question being whether you know how to play them.

Interestingly, most of the most popular games in the world seem to work on the same core principal. Namely that they’re easy to learn, but difficult to master. This means that you can start playing immediately, but may also sink years into being particularly good at them.

If you decide to sink more time into advanced guides is a matter of preference; the games will be fun regardless.


There are very few people on earth that don’t know what slots, otherwise known as online pokies NZ, are. As far as gambling goes, they’re extremely easy to play, offer big payout potential, and are very entertaining. The core principal is that you make a bet of a varying amount, hit spin, and hope for the best. If the symbols land in matching lines, a payout is made. The better the matching sequence, the higher the payout. Jackpot wins may be granted, depending on luck.

While the other games on this list require some degree of skill, pokies are entirely luck based. Simply make a bet and let the colours and animations wash over you.


Poker is an incredibly tight combination of luck and skill. A great player will dominate, while an amateur will flounder. There is an element of luck involved, but what makes Poker really stand apart is that skill will take a smart player far. At its core Poker is about drawing the best hand possible, with the rules being fairly straightforward. What makes the game shine is how much strategy and versatility comes from the bluffing system.

Which is to say; even a lousy hand can be a winning hand, if you’re good enough to bluff convincingly.


Leaning more towards luck than skill, but still benefiting from smart play, Roulette is a true classic. Watch the wheel spin, make predictions about where the ball will land, and cross your fingers. The betting table is straightforward enough, with it not being necessary to engage with the more complicated options.

Amateur players will throw down bets without thought, while a seasoned pro will deftly juggle betting options. Make no mistake, strategies help, even if they aren’t technically as exciting.


Last is the game of true professionals. Blackjack asks that you get a hand closer to 21 than the bank, with hitting, standing, doubling up and splitting being the core mechanics. Easy on the surface, but immensely deep upon closer inspection.

It is possible to play Blackjack professionally, but doing so requires years of dedication. Most will settle for a few fun rounds, though even amateurs can walk away richer if they put time into understanding how the deeper systems work.

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