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Basketball Wagers

As a nation, New Zealand seems to possess something of an endless conveyor belt of talented rugby players, with one world-class player conveniently replacing the last.

While basketball only requires 5 players to take the court at a time, New Zealand has still battled to find a team to compete and provide a shock performance such as the on from the Tall Blacks at the FIBA World Cup in 2002 where they finished 4th.

The Kiwis have had world-class cricketer, however never an entire 11. They have had some skilled footballers, but never a whole side and they’ve produced exceptional individual athletes, but never enough of them to challenge big nations. All in all, New Zealand has some serious sporting talent, but nothing has come close to rugby – until now.

For the Love of the Game

More recently, basketball has been appearing in the media a lot more and for all of the right reasons, possibly leading towards the creation of a cultural shift.

With numerous broadcast deals, social media campaigns and various formats that elevate professional sport, US sporting events and basketball, in particular, have become more accessible to Kiwi punters than ever before. The fact that the game can be seen live on television, or streamed online with highlights always available means that punters can make bets at anytime of the day or night.

The game is experiencing more and more coverage worldwide, with the highlights-based nature of the event allowing for punters to watch and indulge in basketball betting at almost any time.

The Breakers’ Influence

The Breakers were founded in 2003 before initially struggling to compete both on the court and off. Four titles later the team has proven their success and credibility of a New Zealand team competing in an Aussie basketball event.

The Breakers have given Kiwi punters a team they can be proud of and, ultimately, a reason to support basketball in the country. It is often surprising to uncover just how influential a winning team can be, with many players choosing a career in sports due to their role models that played before them.

Basketball Betting

Online Basketball Betting

With more and more people getting to know and love the game of basketball all over the world as well as in New Zealand, it comes with very little shock that individuals are choosing to indulge in basketball bets.

One of the main reasons that people around the world choose to place bets on a particular sporting event is to truly express their love of a game, team or country – and this is certainly a reason for basketball’s increase in popularity. More online sports betting sites are catching on to this and providing more basketball betting odds to Kiwi punters, which essentially further increases the pastime’s popularity as it further exposes it.

Lastly, Basketball New Zealand and the New Zealand National Basketball League are available on live streaming sites, offering punters exceptional entertainment with all of the convenience that comes with online sports betting NZ.

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