Taking a Detailed Look at Blackbeard’s Gold Online Slot

Blackbeard (born Edward Thatch), was a notorious pirate of English origin, who ruled the seas with a fist of fear during the 1600’s / 1700’s.  He is said to have had a fearsome bushy black beard, hence the name.  His reign of terror lasted until he was eventually captured by Continue Reading

Thor Online Slot Overview for Players

The flame-haired godhead Thor is a high-ranking deity in Scandinavian mythology, ruling thunder; tornadoes; fertility and rain, and battling anyone he pleases in competitions of strength, which he rarely loses thanks to his supernatural powers. On account of his hammer weapon he has vanquished many a foe, and he is Continue Reading

A Quick Introduction to Caribbean Holidays Online Slot

Caribbean Holidays Novomatic Video Slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot that can be found in licensed Casinos across the world. Caribbean Holidays Novomatic Video Slot offers players bonus rounds, free games, bonus multipliers and scatter symbols. Players must line up matching symbols on pay lines that Continue Reading