Top Tips For Playing Online Baccarat

Baccarat was a popular card game among European upper classes for a couple of centuries before it took Asian gambling capital Macau by storm after being introduced in the 1960s. The game has since enjoyed an even bigger boost in its popularity, and nowadays you’ll find it at all the best online casinos. Make the most of your gaming experience with these top tips for playing online Baccarat.

Stick To Short Gaming Sessions

Like all other casino games, Baccarat has a built-in house edge, which gives the house (casino) an advantage. What’s more, no strategy or betting system can get around this advantage. While some games will produce results in your favour, this won’t happen all the time, so stick to short gaming sessions.

Taking your bankroll and the size of your bets into account, decide how many games you’ll play in one sitting and stick to your decision. Accept whatever the outcome of your sessions is, whether you made a profit or not. Make a point of not chasing your losses. Remember, playing Baccarat online should be about having fun.

Check The Odds Before Betting

Don’t be tempted to sit down at a virtual Baccarat table and start betting without first checking the odds. Make sure you know what the odds are for all the betting options.

In most games available at reputable online casinos, the regular odds for a Player bet are 1:1. The Banker bet has the same odds; however, most sites charge a 5% commission on Banker wins. Occasionally, you’ll find casinos that charge a commission of less than 5% or as high as 25%. The odds for a Tie bet are 8:1. Yes, the payout for a winning Tie bet is the highest available in the game, but the odds are the worst.

Manage Your Bankroll

Good bankroll management is an essential part of gambling responsibly. Before playing Baccarat online, decide how much money you can afford to spend during your gaming session. When you’ve decided on the size of your bets, stick to your decision throughout your session. Don’t be tempted to chase wins or losses.

Bet On The Player

Unlike most other card games, Baccarat gives you the option of betting on either of the hands on the table and of betting that the two hands will tie. The Banker does have better odds than the Player, but the commission on winning Banker hands ultimately means less value for you.

The Player might not have odds that are as attractive as the Banker, but no commission is involved in winning Player bets. Always bet on the Player and be prepared to accept any wins or losses that come your way.

Set Personal Win And Loss Limits

Before you start your online Baccarat gaming sessions, set win and loss limits for yourself. Think about how much money you’re prepared to lose and think about the reasonable sum of profit you’d like to walk away with.

If you reach either of those limits during your gaming session, quit your gaming session. There’s no point in chasing wins or losses.

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