Win in Roulette with the Mentioned Tips!

Roulette has been a favourite in casinos for decades, having originated in France in the 18th century. The iconic roulette wheel is recognisable everywhere – online and offline. Some say that winning at roulette is down to luck, while others believe skill plays a big part. Whichever you believe, there are some tips that could help you bag a win.

Practice before Putting in Money

Practice makes perfect, and although nobody can have a perfect strategy for a game relying heavily on chance, practicing online for free is pretty much compulsory in order to understand what you’re up against. Go for online casinos with proper licenses and take advantage of the opportunity to get to grips with payout structures and the wheel itself.

Aim for European Wheels, not American

Playing on a single-zero European wheel can significantly improve a player’s odds. With an American wheel the house edge is 5.26%, while a European wheel sits at around half that – a house edge of 2.63%. Most gamblers won’t go near an American wheel as the chance of a payout is decreased even though the payout amount may be the same.

Don’t Predict based on Past Spins

There have been times when players have dedicated weeks or months to studying the spins of a particular roulette wheel in a casino, but in reality that’s neither practical nor fool proof. Roulette wheels now are unlikely to show any bias towards particular numbers, and to assume that you can predict an outcome based on previous spins is not a winning strategy.

Always Bet on Outside Chances

On some European and French roulette wheels the house edge can go as low as 1.35% on outside bets with even-money wagers. Roulette players always aim for improving their odds; being able to push beyond the 37:1 chance of winning. Placing outside bets is the best way of achieving this. Wagers on odds/even, red/black and high/low increase your chance of a win, as well as minimising your losses – these bets payout at 1:1.

Avoid the Martingale Strategy

This roulette strategy is very popular amongst players but unfortunately it isn’t a very reliable way of winning. On the plus side, it’s very easy, but that is outweighed by the fact that it can lead to disastrous losses. The idea that you’ll make loads of cash is more often than not a total illusion as it is an extremely high risk strategy.

Stick to Your Limits

Gambling carries risk, the main one being the possibility of losing a lot of money. Playing strategically at places like ensures that you keep your losses to a minimum and having limits protects you from losing too much cash. Don’t place bets that are larger than you can afford to lose. Manage your expectations and play strategically – a good bit of advice is to avoid betting the money you’ve won.

Despite the fact that roulette is a game of chance, by using these strategies you can increase your odds of winning. The odds of winning millions are much slimmer than building your profits more slowly over a period of time.

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